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Tangled bonsai wire, no more! The American Bonsai team has designed the first ever Velcro Wire Tie specifically for the bonsai artist to be used with 1mm to 6mm wire. These Bonsai Velcro Wire Ties prevent your wire from getting loose!

Design and Usage
One end of the wire tie has a loop to fasten to the wire coil. Locate the inside end of the wire coil and insert into the loop (see photos). Bend the end of the wire over the wire tie loop, locking it into place. This allows the tie to be unstrapped while it remains attached to the wire coil, never being misplaced. The wire can also be unwound from the coil while the tie(s) are attached by sliding the outside end of the wire coil underneath the tie(s).

The wire ties manage your bonsai wire to prevent the dreaded tangled wire mess from ever happening again!

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