Sumo Cakes® Bundle (Original Cakes & Root Elixir)

$32.00 $30.40

  • Sumo Cakes® Original (2 12oz bags)
  • Sumo Cakes® Root Elixir (16oz bottle)
  • Wonderful for both deciduous bonsai
  • Great all-purpose fertilizer
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$10.00 $9.50

2 x Sumo Cakes® Acidic

  • Quantity: 12oz
  • NPK ratio 7-6-6
  • Multi-Source Fertilizer
  • Packed Full of Micro Nutrients
  • Vast Selection of Soil Microorganisms to Help Create an Active Root Zone
  • Loaded with Naturally Occurring Vitamins & Minerals
  • Great for Juniper bonsai, Pine bonsai, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and other Acid-loving plants.
  • Recommended for outdoor use but safe indoors.
$12.00 $11.40

1 x Sumo Cakes® Root Elixir

  • Sumo Cakes® Root Elixir
  • Liquid Root Drench
  • NPK: 0.07-0.15-0.5
  • 16oz Bottle
  • Mix 2 tbsp per gallon of water
  • 10 Different Ingredients
  • 38 Different Beneficial Microbe Species
  • Good for Bonsai, Indoor/Outdoor Plants, Shrubs, Trees and more.
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This fertilizer bundle will get your trees looking good with lots of healthy growth above and below the soil.

Sumo Cakes® Root Elixir supplements all fertilizers wonderfully. Paired with either, Sumo Cakes® fertilizer cakes or granular fertilizer, you are guaranteed to have exceptional health in your trees. You will see soft, manageable growth in the refinement stages of a bonsai’s development, along with great root development.

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