4pc. Kaneshin Bonsai Toolkit

$190.00 $180.50

  • Kit includes
    • Concave Cutter
    • Pliers
    • Scissors
    • Wire Cutter
  • Great for a gift or for someone just starting out
  • Will last many years with propper care
  • Kaneshin tools are made in Japan
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$65.00 $61.75

1 x No. 3A Kaneshin Bonsai Concave Cutter

  • No. 3A is the standard concave size and style creating a clean concave cut.
  • Length is 8" long.
$58.00 $55.10

1 x No. 511 Kaneshin Bonsai Wire Cutter

  • Standard style wire cutter suitable for all sizes of wire.
  • Length is 8" long.
$43.00 $40.85

1 x No. 827 Kaneshin Bonsai Scissors

  • Great for both small and large bonsai.
  • A bit more narrow allowing easier access to the interior.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Length is 7" long.
$24.00 $22.80

1 x No. 48 Kaneshin Bonsai Pliers

• Kaneshin No. 48 Bonsai Pliers are used to manipulate wire while applying or taking it off. Also great for creating jin. • These are smaller in length than the No. 49 and the head is thinner. • Length is 7" long.


Do you know what bonsai tools to buy when first starting out in Bonsai? You need a good Concave Cutter, Scissors, Wire Cutter and a pair of Pliers. This 4pc. Kaneshin bonsai toolkit has them all. This would make the perfect gift for someone just starting out in bonsai or for someone that would like to upgrade their tools.

Kaneshin bonsai tools are made in Japan and are among the top quality tool companies. The tools in this kit will last for many years with proper care.

For basic usage and tips on how to care for your bonsai tools please visit this link. Bonsai Tools & How to Care for Them

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