Bonsai Fertilizer - Sumo Cakes Bonsai Fertilizer

Sumo Cakes bonsai fertilizer in a cake and granular form.

Bonsai Tools - American Bonsai

A selection of bonsai tools from American Bonsai Tools.

Bonsai Tools - Joshua Roth

A selection bonsai tools from Joshua Roth.

Bonsai Wire - Wire

Bonsai Supplies - Cut Paste

Different Cut PastesĀ and Wound healing pastes.

Bonsai Supplies - Fertilizer Baskets & Tea Bags

Bonsai fertilizer baskets in three different sizes. Small, Medium, Large.

Bonsai Supplies - Tool Care

Bonsai Supplies - Miscellaneous Supplies

Miscellaneous bonsai supplies such as tool cleaner and lubricants, wire tags and fasteners along with other things.

Bonsai Soil - Soil

Soil used to create a suitable mix for your bonsai.

Gift Card - Card

A gift card to send to your bonsai loving friends.

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