Bonsai Tools

A selection of bonsai tools that will help you grow, train, shape your bonsai. Whether you are repotting, trimming, styling, wiring or grafting, we probably have something for you.

Bonsai Tools - Branch Splitters

Branch and trunk splitters are great at separating the live veins from the deadwood. This action aids in the bending of those trunks and branches.

Bonsai Tools - Brushes

Bonsai brushes are great for cleaning deadwood or in crevices that are hard to get into. Other uses would be cleaning branches or cleaning up sap that has dried in your tweezers.

  • Nylon Brush

    Nylon Brush

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  • Pig Hair Brush

    Boar (Pig) Hair Brush

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  • Brass Brush

    Brass Brush

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  • Brass-Plated Iron Brush

    Brass-Plated Iron Brush

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  • Stainless Steel Brush

    Stainless Steel Brush

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Bonsai Tools - Concave Cutters

Concave cutters are designed to create a clean concave cut. You can use them to cut branches and other things or use them to make the edges of wounds cleaner. Great for when you are thicker roots so the roots are angled downward into your soil.

Bonsai Tools - Grafting Knives

Grafting Knives are useful for preparing material for grafting, cleaning wounds, and carving deadwood. The blades are sharp allowing for a clean cut.

Bonsai Tools - Knob Cutters

Knob Cutters are used to clean up wounds and to remove branches and wood with a concave “scoop”. These tools are great for removing knobs of previously cut branches on bonsai.

Bonsai Tools - Pliers

Pliers are used in helping you create jin on bonsai and to aid you in the application of bonsai wire. Pliers are a great tool with multiple uses while you work on your bonsai.

Bonsai Tools - Repotting Sickle

Sometimes a bonsai grows so tightly into its container that you need to cut around the inside edges of a bonsai pot to release the bonsai. A repotting sickle or a kama is the tool for that.

Bonsai Tools - Root Cutters

Root Cutters are designed to cut roots flat. You can use Root cutters to cut branches as well. I personally like to use them to help peel wood as I creat jin.

Bonsai Tools - Root Hooks & Rakes

The rake is used to gently remove soil around the roots and to stir up the soil. Root Hooks help speed up the repotting process as they help to remove the soil that is in the roots as well as aiding the root detangling process.

Bonsai Tools - Saws

Use bonsai saws to remove the extra large branches on bonsai either at the time of collection or during styling. Sometimes branches are just to big for normal bonsai tools.

Bonsai Tools - Scissors

Scissors are used to trim small branches, leaves, needles, and buds from our bonsai trees. Scissors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and for all kinds of different tasks.

Bonsai Tools - Soil Scoops & Sifters

Soil Scoops allow you to scoop bonsai soil and place into a bonsai pot. Some Soil Scoop have a mesh that allows the remaining dust to fall away while placing the soil in the pot.

  • 151A Soil Scoops

    No. 151A Kaneshin Soil Scoop with Mesh (Set of 3)

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  • 145L Soil Sifter

    No. 145L Kaneshin Soil Sifter (3pc Set)

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Bonsai Tools - Soil Tampers & Brooms

The Repotting Trowel tool is great for tamping your bonsai soil after repotting. The tool helps level the soil in a unified way by “packing” your soil down into the bonsai pot around the roots.

  • 119L Hand Broom

    No. 119L Kaneshin Hand Broom (Large)

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  • 118S Repotting Trowel

    No. 118S Kaneshin Repotting Trowel (Small)

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Bonsai Tools - Tweezers

Tweezers are great for needle plucking pines, removing leaves, pulling weeds out of your soil and removing moss.

Bonsai Tools - Wire Cutters

Wire cutters do just that, cut wire from our bonsai. Bonsai wire cutters come in different sizes and shapes depending on what kind of wire you are cutting.