Bonsai Supplies

Bonsai Supplies such as fertilizer and fertilizer supplies, Bonsai tool cleaning and sharpening supplies, Repotting tools and supplies.

Bonsai Supplies - Cut Paste

Bonsai cut paste comes in different consistencies. Some are a putty-like paste while others come in a liquid. Either form is used to cover wounds to prevent disease are bacteria setting in. Also allows the wounds to callus over cleaner.

Bonsai Supplies - Fertilizer Baskets & Tea Bags

Fertilizer baskets, cups, pochi domes, and tea bags hold your bonsai fertilizer in place on your soil in your pots.

Bonsai Supplies - Grafting Supplies

Grafting Supplies include grafting knives, grafting tape and other such tools and supplies to help you in your grafting endeavors.

Bonsai Supplies - Repotting Supplies

Bonsai repotting supplies include things like repotting Sickles or Kamas, Bonsai Soil Sifters, Soil Scoops, Drainage Mesh among other items.

Bonsai Supplies - Tool Care

Bonsai tool care includes items such as cleaning blocks, lubricants, and sprays that help maintain your tools quality over many years of use.

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Showing all 43 results