• I like to share this Ponderosa Pine. I picked it up last May (2017) from Andy Smith. The first image shows the tree as it looked then.
    The second image shows the tree in June (2017) after a workshop with Bjorn.
    The third and fourth images show the tree in April and May (2018).
    The other images are just different shots that I took today to show…[Read more]

  • Here are a few photos of my bonsai in my collection.☀☀ 6 months ago

  • Here are some shots of new buds on a couple of my Ponderosa Pines. One photo is of a back bud a couple inches back on a branch. Loving the Sumo Cakes fertilizer. 6 months ago

  • Here is the progression of this tree from last year. 7 months ago

  • Testing out the posting feature. 7 months ago