About Sumo Bonsai Supply

Who We Are

My name is Jeramiah Pearce. At night I am a Patient Care Assistant at a local hospital. By day I am the owner and operator of Sumo Bonsai Supply. I am the guy who makes Sumo Cakes® fertilizer. I am the guy who runs this website, answers your questions, posts on Facebook. I am also the guy who packs your orders and drives them to the Post Office or FedEx. Sometimes my pre-teen daughter will run your packages into the Post Office for me. She is wonderful.

I like to say “We” a lot because sometimes my Wife helps as well as my daughter. It is not always just “me”. Without my family and their continued support and encouragement I would not be able to do this.

Jeramiah Pearce 2018

What We Do

We sell Bonsai Tools and other Bonsai Supplies. Our main product is our fertilizer. Sumo Cakes®.

One goal that I had when I wanted to start Sumo Bonsai Supply is to offer tools and supplies at a price that was more affordable if I could. I personally feel that a lot of things in bonsai are overpriced and if I could help others out by having a lower price then I was going to.

I know every other company out there will tell you that their prices are the best around, but I looked. Before I priced the tools and supplies I went and visited other retailers websites and looked at their prices. Sumo Bonsai Supply has the best prices on the tools and supplies that we carry (unless contracted at a particular price). If you find a cheaper price out there I want to know so I can see if I can match or beat it.

Sumo Cakes
First Batch
First Batch of Sumo Cakes®
Fertilizer Cakes Drying
A different method of creating Sumo Cakes® now drying.

What About Sumo Cakes®

To be honest Sumo Cakes fertilizer was kind of an accident. I had always fertilized my bonsai with liquid chemical fertilizers. The stuff you can get for $10 and mix with water. The trees grew just fine, but when it came time to repot a couple of my Ponderosa Pines I didn’t notice much going on in the roots. I didn’t see any mycorrhizae (not that it wasn’t there, but I didn’t see any). At the time I had about 30 trees so it took a bit of time to water and fertilize all of them. Sumo Cakes really came about because of the time I spent fertilizing and the fact that the roots on my trees did not look as healthy as I thought they could.

I wanted to change up my fertilizing routine. I wanted something that I could just set on the soil and it would break down over time. I wanted something that would focus on the root zone as well. I started to look at different fertilizers and what trees and plants needed to thrive in way of nutrients. I realized from my research that most if not all of the fertilizers on the shelf of my local stores did not contain most of the nutrients that I needed. They all included the main three. The N-P-K, but you won’t find all three of the Secondary Nutrients most of the time. You might find one or two of them. Now when it comes to the micronutrients, good luck. You might find one or two of these as well, but there are at least seven that plants like. You can read more about fertilizer basics HERE.

I realized that I would have to buy three or four different fertilizers to provide all of the nutrients that I wanted to give to my bonsai. So I did some more research and I found the ingredients that I needed to provide me with everything I wanted.

I took a Saturday and made some fertilizer cakes with my ingredients. I had a bunch extra after placing on my trees so I listed them for sale on a Facebook group called 99 Cent Bonsai. Those sold so I made some more for the following week and those sold as well. The first guy that bought them told me I should sell them and gave me a clever name for the product. Sumo Cakes.

I thought about it and figured I could waste a weekend or two a year making some fertilizer cakes. It took me forever to make a bag of cakes and I really didn’t think that many people would want them anyway. Since then I have sold to six different countries and 370 different cities. I have the name Sumo Cakes registered, especially after someone notified me that another bonsai supply site was using the name in one of their look-alike product’s search terms on their website. I have also sent the fertilizer mix off to a lab to get a guaranteed analysis completed.

Contacting Sumo Bonsai Supply

Where are we located?

We don’t have a retail location other than the website, but we do offer local pick up if you want to drive to our house. You can find us at the below address.

Sumo Bonsai Supply
524 7th St. S.
Sartell, MN 56377